We make our own world – Sustainable Living

DDW 13
Something I saw in the NANO supermarket at the Dutch Design Week: grow your own sneaker with bio customization: rayfisch shoes
This brings two major phenomena together, emerged in production: The combination of mass production with wanting to produce more durable stuff, This is interesting because these two factors are not always connected with each other. That’s because mass production is often associated with ‘fast’ ‘cheap’ and quantity ‘. Through NANO technology it is now possible to make sustainable material because we can ‘grow’ material. This is progressive and will continue to evolve because once our raw materials we get from the earth will run out, and we become more and more aware of this phenomena.
Another example which also has to do with mass production and I also saw on the DDW was ‘Vitro meat’. In the future we will ‘grow’ meat, so less animals have to be slaughtered, reducing transportation costs of these animals, etc. In addition, as, for example Asia decides to eat as much meat as we do in the Western world, we can’t even life without the invention of vitro meat.
This product also responds to the mass customization. Everyone wants to have his own design, everyone wants to be unique, unlike any other. This trend has been around longer, but is still a very important one​​, think for example of the decoration of your home.
Leather is still widely used as material for clothing, shoes etc. There is now found a way in which scientists at the headquarters Rayfish can create a modified DNA strand and deploy again. The mature stingrays then have a unique pattern that is created by you as a consumer. ‘Rayfish Footwear uses the beauty of nature and the power of genetics to make  the most exclusive shoes in the world’
I think this has a great future perspective because raw materials run out and we need to live more aware of our environment in order to stay alive. nextnature05 (1)

Source: http://www.nanosupermarket.org/rayfishfootwear


Your inside Appearance


Appearance is something seen an all over the world. Appearance isn’t only the way we dress, or whole presentation and presence in this world is a part of it. Also Living and Appearance have a lot in common. Living is all about creating an environment you want to live in, appearance is sort of the same. Although appearance is something other people will see more often because you always carry it with you.
In this post I will talk about appearance in another way than ‘normal’. I am not very interested in appearance within the meaning of fashion etc. I find appearance way more interesting when it when it refers to the more subtle characteristics of a person’s presence.
What struck me in Paris was most of all that people walk around with such a self-esteem and like they all have a purpose. The difference with what I see in big cities in the Netherlands is that there is not really a rush. I found it very pleasant to experience this because this rush is in always present in our country. Everything has to do with time. This style of living can also be seen in de concept stores we walked through. These shops are not like for example the Hema (you know what you want, you’ll get it and you’re gone again). These shops are more of an experience. The way they present their stuff is also different. It becomes more like a museum or gallery. This provokes you to think more about your purchase. You have the time and being in this sort of store is also very pleasant because there are a lot of people around to help you and give you proper advice.
So take your time

Your best friends always powered

accu-opslagruime-portemonnee power-pocket-600x322 solepower-zolen-600x336
What it is

There are a lot more possibilities to generate electricity than most of us know about. We all know that we can use nature to generate power to make our machines work but we also can use ourselves in different ways. With every movement electricity is released because every movement requires energy. We get our energy from food, water and ‘mental’ energy from the good en fun things in life. When we transform this into an act like walking or talking, energy is released.
These examples show you that everything is possible in the future as regards energy. First we have the Power Pockets. They make use of the difference in temperature between the human body and the air outside in order to generate energy. This energy can then be used to empower your smartphone or another gadget. The first prototypes are already tested and can be used to put in your pocket or sleeping back. Ideal for a festival weekend!
The second is example is a small battery, a very small one because it fits perfectly in your wallet and you also have the opportunity to store some data on it.
These SolePower soles use your steps to generate electricity. According to the makers of the high-tech soles, a walk of four kilometers is enough to fully charge your Iphone. Awesome!

Why I think it is cool
I think this is very cool because these are only a few examples of empowering your own gadgets with ‘self-made’ energy. We become more aware of what can be used to provide electricity. This is very sustainable because while we live we always walk, talk, move and thus produce energy. Why not making use of it?? And because we now have the resources and science to make products that are easy to use by all of us, we do this more often and more easily.
These products are also very interesting for us as ‘normal’ people. Those products are not very expensive and also very simple to carry them with you. This makes it more easy to make use of it. And because every human being is naturally curious, we want to know how it works. So when you have a Power Pocket you automatically want to provide your own energy so you will keep it with you to see how it works. The same thing with the SolePower, you want to run to use your Iphone. So it is like a sort trigger for people and it has aroused our curiosity! The Urban Nomad always needs electricity so this could be THE solution!

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Cool transport for the Urban Nomad

jet-bicycle-colin-furze vliegende-elektrische-fiets rover-elektrische-scooter-600x400
New ways of transport to cross the city like a boss.  

What it is
These three examples of new ways to cross the city are very awesome but also sustainable. They aren’t all very safe and they also will change the streetscape but this could maybe be the new way of transport for the Urban Nomad.
The Rover Electric Scooter is ideal and made for the city. It is electric what makes it easy to use because you can easily load the motor. It is also kind of fast because it has a speed limit of almost 60 km/h. What also makes it a perfect urban nomad way of transport is that it even has a smart phone holder so your smartphone can function as a dashboard.
This second example is more funny and awesome then a handy type of transport. It looks very cool and you will definitely attract the attention of every passenger.
This other example is made for pure speed. And because speed is one of the core values of the urban nomads this is an interesting example.

Why I think it is cool
We are always looking for other ways to make our life more special and different. Also the way of transport is a very big issue for the Urban Nomads. It is important that you can be everywhere in the city in a small amount of time. We see traveling as a waste of time most of the time. But with these new ways of transport it isn’t boring at all. You can make your own experience by traveling the city in style. This is the future, we want fun and targeted ways of doing things and this makes it possible.

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