We make our own world – Sustainable Living

DDW 13
Something I saw in the NANO supermarket at the Dutch Design Week: grow your own sneaker with bio customization: rayfisch shoes
This brings two major phenomena together, emerged in production: The combination of mass production with wanting to produce more durable stuff, This is interesting because these two factors are not always connected with each other. That’s because mass production is often associated with ‘fast’ ‘cheap’ and quantity ‘. Through NANO technology it is now possible to make sustainable material because we can ‘grow’ material. This is progressive and will continue to evolve because once our raw materials we get from the earth will run out, and we become more and more aware of this phenomena.
Another example which also has to do with mass production and I also saw on the DDW was ‘Vitro meat’. In the future we will ‘grow’ meat, so less animals have to be slaughtered, reducing transportation costs of these animals, etc. In addition, as, for example Asia decides to eat as much meat as we do in the Western world, we can’t even life without the invention of vitro meat.
This product also responds to the mass customization. Everyone wants to have his own design, everyone wants to be unique, unlike any other. This trend has been around longer, but is still a very important one​​, think for example of the decoration of your home.
Leather is still widely used as material for clothing, shoes etc. There is now found a way in which scientists at the headquarters Rayfish can create a modified DNA strand and deploy again. The mature stingrays then have a unique pattern that is created by you as a consumer. ‘Rayfish Footwear uses the beauty of nature and the power of genetics to make  the most exclusive shoes in the world’
I think this has a great future perspective because raw materials run out and we need to live more aware of our environment in order to stay alive. nextnature05 (1)

Source: http://www.nanosupermarket.org/rayfishfootwear


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