Your inside Appearance


Appearance is something seen an all over the world. Appearance isn’t only the way we dress, or whole presentation and presence in this world is a part of it. Also Living and Appearance have a lot in common. Living is all about creating an environment you want to live in, appearance is sort of the same. Although appearance is something other people will see more often because you always carry it with you.
In this post I will talk about appearance in another way than ‘normal’. I am not very interested in appearance within the meaning of fashion etc. I find appearance way more interesting when it when it refers to the more subtle characteristics of a person’s presence.
What struck me in Paris was most of all that people walk around with such a self-esteem and like they all have a purpose. The difference with what I see in big cities in the Netherlands is that there is not really a rush. I found it very pleasant to experience this because this rush is in always present in our country. Everything has to do with time. This style of living can also be seen in de concept stores we walked through. These shops are not like for example the Hema (you know what you want, you’ll get it and you’re gone again). These shops are more of an experience. The way they present their stuff is also different. It becomes more like a museum or gallery. This provokes you to think more about your purchase. You have the time and being in this sort of store is also very pleasant because there are a lot of people around to help you and give you proper advice.
So take your time


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