Underground world

lowline-underground-park-nyc-530x353 Roomed_kubus_07 Roomed_kubus1-621x350

What it is
New areas in the city to make you feel close to yourself, nature and out of the overwhelming sounds and impressions of the city. Deep below the Delancy street in Manhattan, which is very noisy and a perfect example of the overwhelming city, lies a building abandoned in 1948. There is a big and, for a lot of us, unknown world down below where rats and albino alligators live. Two designers, Dan Barasch and James Ramsey, want to turn this world into a vibrant, immaculately area which will look like a park. There is only one stumbling block; plant also need light to grow. So they made up a new system to bring the light where it can’t go. With all kind of equipment like mirrors and lenses they made it possible. ‘For all us vampires, night-owls, and Poe-reading goths, let’s hope Manhattan soon gets its next great public space, far beneath the madding crowds.’
Another example that takes working places to the nature is this serene working pace which belongs to the bureau GLUCK+. It acts like a refuge for employees. This also shows that working in normal boring offices makes people unaware and bored.

Why I think it is cool
It is off course very expensive and also hard to get the light down below, but when this is possible, people can escape from the overwhelming city to clear their head and take a pause while they are still a part of the city. Wouldn’t that be awesome?? I am a huge fan of this initiative because the city overwhelms me every day. There are so much sounds, people, movements and odors that your vision can’t be clear the whole day. These impressions make you tired. So working in this environment is  obvious also tiresome. So when this area becomes reality, people can go down here to work or to relax. I think that Urban Nomads bring the nature to the city and this is a perfect example to make it clear. Urban Nomads will keep this band with nature so everybody else will also be aware of this.
The house of  GLUCK+ in the woods (or you can also put it in a park in the city), clears the mind of the employees and inspires them because they have another working space which they are not used to. This stimulates creativity!

Source 1:http://www.nextnature.net/2012/09/the-lowline-aims-to-build-an-underground-park/
Source 2: http://roomed.nl/werken-middenin-de-natuur/


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