The reply chair


What it is
‘Out of the box gets a whole new meaning’. This chair is made out of carton. We all throw carton away, every day, without thinking about doing something else with it. Luckily this material can be used for recycling. But why not doing it by yourself? This chair is very simple but can easily be made unique. Also the other materials that are necessary to make this chair are simple and minimal. This principle is very easy and simple but the hard thing with this concept is to make it of a good quality. But there is in this case not much that has to be done. Four layers re-cycled cardboard, or actually fiberboard, are overlaid, laminated, cut and folded so it all fits and is made ‘chairable’. There are only the essential materials.

Why I think it is cool
This chair is cool because it meets the principles urban nomads have; it has to be simple (in this case almost like, ‘why didn’t I think of that’), sustainable and unique. You can make your own thing of it but it also helps the environment. The weight of the chair is minimal and because you can make your own design it will fit everywhere; in a chic restaurant, a small café or your own home.
I also think this example makes clear that it is easy to re-use materials that everybody has at home.



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