Cool transport for the Urban Nomad

jet-bicycle-colin-furze vliegende-elektrische-fiets rover-elektrische-scooter-600x400
New ways of transport to cross the city like a boss.  

What it is
These three examples of new ways to cross the city are very awesome but also sustainable. They aren’t all very safe and they also will change the streetscape but this could maybe be the new way of transport for the Urban Nomad.
The Rover Electric Scooter is ideal and made for the city. It is electric what makes it easy to use because you can easily load the motor. It is also kind of fast because it has a speed limit of almost 60 km/h. What also makes it a perfect urban nomad way of transport is that it even has a smart phone holder so your smartphone can function as a dashboard.
This second example is more funny and awesome then a handy type of transport. It looks very cool and you will definitely attract the attention of every passenger.
This other example is made for pure speed. And because speed is one of the core values of the urban nomads this is an interesting example.

Why I think it is cool
We are always looking for other ways to make our life more special and different. Also the way of transport is a very big issue for the Urban Nomads. It is important that you can be everywhere in the city in a small amount of time. We see traveling as a waste of time most of the time. But with these new ways of transport it isn’t boring at all. You can make your own experience by traveling the city in style. This is the future, we want fun and targeted ways of doing things and this makes it possible.

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