Finally, REALLY safe drinking water

What it is
‘De hoeveelheden antibiotica in ons drinkwater vormen een toenemend probleem voor de volksgezondheid.’ A lot studies concluded that this is going on and not only in the Netherlands. Although we use antibiotics for medical treatment, the antibiotics we consume by drinking water is very harmful to us and also to our environment. The way we filter our drinking water now is by using activated carbon. This works but does not retrieve all the antibiotics. The university of Cincinnati made a new filter possible which contains two bacterial proteins which remove almost twice as much antibiotics!

Why I think it is cool
This is very cool because it offers us several improvement which are very sustainable. This filter will selectively absorb anitbiotics. This means that a selective ‘garbage disposal’ cannot get clogged with organic matter. Another cool thing is that the sunlight powers the bacterial protein system like some kind of photosynthesis! But is this case a light-driven bacterial protein called Delta-rhodopsin supplies the power. Also this bacteria can even be used to extract antibiotics for recycling and may also, in the future, be used to filter other substances out of our drinking water like heavy metals and maybe even hormones. 

Take a look at these sites:




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