Energy from the sky!

2013-02-26-1-powerlines-and-aurora-borealis-arild-heitmann-530x352 wind-turbines-generate-micro-climates-530x397
What it is
We use a lot energy, everyday again. We can’t life without it and in the future we will also need energy, probably even more. So how are we going to deal with this, the fossil fuels aren’t going to remain at our disposal forever. In this coolhunt I will talk about a few options to make our energy consumption more sustainable.
The first think we can do is to work with offshore wind farms. This sounds weird, a farm? It works like this: these wind farms which are offshore, so nobody (like nature) suffers from these kind of windmills, and create their own clouds by mixing warm sea water weather with cooler air above. And another awesome thing is that they could even alter weather and storm patterns.
Another solution had also to do with gathering energy from the atmosphere. This atmospheric energy could be revolutionary! One company called SEFE is doing research how to take this electricity out of the air in a way we can accomplish. Also a lot of research is being done by several universities. Dennis Siegel made an electromagnetic harvester to capture the energy.

Why I think it is cool
It is well known that there is electricity stored in the air all around us. So what we only need to do is  ‘literally plucking this electricity from the air’. This invention has a big future growth potential because it can literally safe our world! We don’t have to harm the nature anymore but can use it in one way that isn’t harmful but very good for us! Like these wind farms: ‘not only they fight climate change but they also create micro-climates. Studies have shown that wind farms are even capable of changing weather patterns!’




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