Upgrading campaigns, making us aware

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What it is

These are two short animation films created by Greenpeace and WWF. The one form Greenpeace is some kind of guerilla marketing. Because it shows us the underwater world  polluted by us, human beings. The voice tells us the story of how the underwater world should be and in the same time we see only garbage and polluted areas. ‘Un underwater garden of Eden, the beauty of symbioses ( interaction between two or more different biological species ).’
The animation of the WWF shows is made to make us aware of the huge amount of fur we use for our clothes. In this animation we don’t see real animals but animals from some kind of wonder world. They don’t exist but the idea is given that this fur of these imaginary animals can be used to create clothes, bags, shoes etc.
Also the shoot around this campaign is very well done. Which causes credibility around this campaign.
Real fur is a sign of quality to some, but it’s also a sign of cruelty and waste to others. WWF and Boudicca resolved this dilemma by creating furry clothes from imaginary animals.

Why I think it is cool
We all know what is going on. We won’t always be able to go through life the way we are doing now. If we will, our planet will be destroyed by ourselves. These videos show us what is going on in another way than we are used to see. Big companies who are always committed to nature and animals, like Greenpeace and WWF use these style of campaign to make the whole world aware of the danger we are in. Especially the campaign of Greenpeace is very confrontational because it is brought a little ironic while we all know this is ‘dead’ serious. This little sarcasm and imagination which we also see in the other animation show us the real meaning and appeal to our senses. We don’t want to see animals and nature being hurt. But it happens. No one can do something alone but when we stand up all together we can do something because everyone in the world is responsible. I think that that is what the campaigns want to show us. And only by making us aware of it by using guerilla marketing, we will do something about it.

Watch the video’s:
1. http://vimeo.com/62645137#at=0

From: nextnature.net


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