Dont worry, we can all stop eating now…

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What it is

A man called Rob Rhinehart has found a way to stop eating. Yes it’s possible, and should we be glad with it? But with this solution we can survive without eating actual food. He named his unique mix ‘Soylent’. This mixture contains all the elements the body needs and nothing else. So nothing in this milkshake lookalike drink can be identified as coming from any recognizable object, called food. He also followed his diet of this self-made milkshake for a few weeks and the results were very positive. (His whole story can be read in the site below, also the recipe to make your own Soylent shake is on this page available).

Why I think it is cool
So why is this cool and why could this be a solution the make our world more sustainable? We all need food, no exception. And we all know that food is unevenly distributed; some people are starving, others lead to obesity. With this shake people will only consume the elements our body needs. And because no food is necessary to create these shakes many commodities become unnecessary which will lead to less production of food. The ground that is used to create commodities can be used again for nature or other more sustainable practices.
But there is also a negative side of course. A lot of people enjoy eating food in different ways, also it is part of our culture. Also, it doesnt look as tasty as an apple pie right…
Maybe it will become possible to create a more sustainable diet of the Soylent shake AND ‘normal’ food. This will save money, energy and time.

For more information and to make your own Soylent ‘smoothie’:



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