The smart house of the future

article-2244662-16659BBB000005DC-421_634x356 shape-shifting-house3-530x271
What it is
This is a house which has the ability of adapting itself to  seasonal, meteorological and astronomical conditions by changing its shape. Henry Ernest Dudeney found a way to turn a perfect square into an equilateral triangle which means that the house can easily change its own shape to the conditions of the wetter etc. During the winter the house curls up by contracting the internal walls to thick external walls. This means that the energy needed for heating the house is very much minimized. And when it is hot in de summertime, it can extend itself. This mechanism is based on how our bodies work; human arteries can expand or contract to preserve the core temperature of our body. Also the house has the option to rotate itself toward the sun in which way it can collect solar energy.

Why I think it is cool
I think this is a very cool system because it saves a lot of energy by using the mechanism of rotation. Also the fact that this house is based on our body is in my opinion very special. It shows us that we can learn a lot from nature to set up our environment. Although solar energy isn’t very new, this house creates the most perfect conditions to collect the maximum of solar energy.
Because of the great advances in technology I think we will see more and more of these innovations that make our own direct environment more sustainable.
Another nice touch is that the concept, on a larger scale, might make complete neighborhoods more dynamic. So maybe it is possible that you get new neighbors depending on weather conditions J

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