Is that vitro meat, what you eat?

What it is
What is going on in the laboratories? Meat from a test tube? This sounds weird doesn’t it. Well, we are heading to a society where this will be not only possible but also will maybe be the standard. I will tell you why; As the planet’s population speeds towards the 9 billion(!), it won’t become possible anymore to continue consuming meat like we do today. So scientist are developing vitro meat. This is grown in bioreactors from animal cells. Also vitro meat could be a sustainable and humane way and alternative to raising a whole animal from birth to slaughter. But is this really true? And will it also be a possibility for the future?
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Why I think it is cool
I heard about vitro meat a few weeks ago, since then I have been interested in it. Especially the discussion about this possibility. In our society there is a lot discussion about consumption of meat. Is it good for your health or not? Is it esthetically responsible? Do we all have to be vegetarians? Is the way we slaughter animals for meat consumption good? So when we have access to the option of vitro meat, will all these questions be solved? I don’t think so. We will always need some meat to create vitro meat, so there will be always animals that we have to slaughter. Will we eat meat what is grown in a lab? This goes against the transparency that we are so happy to see in the society these days. This is way there is an ‘against’ side to the story of vitro meat.
But there are also a lot positive and interesting sides off course; like this one, meat paint. It is a product especially for children of 5-10 years old. It allows them to prepare their own meat in a very creative, fun and safe way. ‘By painting their own meal children get more affinity with their food and are therefore more willing to eat it.’

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