Out of the urban Light

What it is
This coolhunt includes actually three coolhunts. This combination makes the story I want to tell more clear. All the three of the coolhunts are solutions to create more environmentally conscious light in the streets. They use nature to create light so much energy can be saved. These light comes from the nature itself and that is why this phenomenon is very nature and environmental friendly. There are a few light emitting organisms like jellyfishes, fireflies, mushrooms and bacteria. This is a process of nature so the nature won’t get damaged. The three solutions are as followes:
– The Italian architect Carlo Morsiani added bioluminescent members of Photobacterium to the city’s waterways. This bacteria is very motion sensitive so any movement in the water will cause a trail of light.
– Renegade architect and futurist Rachel Armstrong want to use glowing, hungry bio-goo to create peaceful blue-green light in the streets of cities. This bacteria can be ‘painted’ on walls etc.
– Lately genetic engineers found out that the Tobacco plant uses the proteins that fireflies produce,  which causes the threes to glow and emit light.

Why I think it is cool

So there are a lot solutions to reduce our use of energy to create light. And the most beautiful part is that we can just use nature its own wonderful methods. Light and transparency have much to do with each other. With the invention of light we could we opened the world in the night. We could make light in the shadows of the night which gave us information about it, it wasn’t a dark unknown thing anymore. To hide in the shadows these days is more than difficult.
The reason I went looking for solutions of more environmental friendly light was because I read a research that was about the link between bright city light and crime. We always thought that the more light, the less crime, because crime would takes place in shadows. The outcome of this research was that there is no direct link between bright light and criminal activity. I think this is interesting because also I thought that there would be a link. Light gives you transparency to oversee the streets. Well no… So now this misunderstanding is out of the world we can create new ways to make light in de streets. We have now an excuse to turn of the light, this is one positive point but there are more:
‘Artificial lighting at night wreaks havoc on our circadian rhythms, leaving us at risk for obesity, depression, even cancer. It’s also bad for wildlife, from birds to turtles and flying insects. Light pollution is even unhealthy for our sense of awe: Eight in ten kids born in the United States today will never see the Milky Way outside of a planetarium.’
These natural phenomena can be further developed to create a world with natural light!
So while we create less transparency in the streets, we create a more peaceful, positive and better environment for us and also animals to life in.
From: nextnature.net
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