To be Honest…

What it is
These are manipulated movie posters of the latest and the most popular movies.  These posters tell you what these movies really are about. The texts are sarcastic and ironic but in one way completely true! They make the illusion that ‘here comes another masterpiece of a movie’ a bit more realistic. They say just what it is, not more or less. The intention is to make your own story of the movie; see for yourself and after that, make an own conclusion.

Why I think it is cool
The movie industry is one with a lot of money to make these well-known movies. They can do whatever they want to make the perfect illusion. They sketch a world where everything is possible and where everyone can do whatever they want. This sketch of the perfect world/ illusion is not real and also will never be. But with the technologies of these days in combination with the advertisements of the movies the illusion becomes so strong that it can be seen as true. To get the people out of this dream world. These funny new interpretations of the movies will help the people out of this dream world the producers made. You don’t have to take it serious and it is more to make the film business less formal.
Although this isn’t to take to serious. It is a small trend we see. People are becoming more critical on published movies. I think this is because we expect them to be better every time. There are so much movies that it becomes very difficult to make one memorable, inspiring and new to all interns and purposes. This makes people very critical and that isn’t always a bad thing! These pressure that people impose to the movie industry, triggers them to make the best of the best!

2 Honest-Amazing-Spider-Man-Movie-Poster-Hypable-Watermarks Honest-Les-Miserables-Movie-Poster-Hypable-Watermarks honest-movie-posters 1 Honest-Twilight-Breaking-Dawn-Part-2-Movie-Poster-Hypable-Watermarks Honest-Perks-Wallflower-Movie-Poster-Hypable-Watermarks Honest-Life-of-Pie-Movie-Poster-Hypable-Watermarks


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