Creative Guerrilla Marketing, be aware!

What it is
Guerrilla marketing is a form of marketing we will get to see more in the future. Companies use it to gather the attention of their (future) costumers. Companies do the craziest things to promote their product or to make their message clear. This is done in many creative ways, see the examples in this post. Take a look and be inspired. This promotion material is a lot more interesting than the normal advertisements or the free products companies use to promote their work.

Why I think it is cool
This way of promotion has In my opinion a big future growth potential. Not only big companies will be users of this kind of promotion,  also individuals will use this, in maybe a more subtle way. We live in a world where we get a lot of information to process. Every day we are confronted with lots of different stimuli, derived from all kind  of sources that want us to do, to be or to buy something. These sources, mostly big companies, will have to know what we want, what the people want! They need to know what we want to see, hear, taste, have etc. To create these desires they have to gather or attention in a creative and new way. We already know a lot about.. well a lot! We want to see something new and inspiring. The product itself isn’t even the most important thing in this marketing strategy. The feelings the future costumers will experience will make it possible that companies can make people want whatever the companies want them to buy! People are very manipulative. They will listen, in this case, more often to their feelings than to their mind.
Because we have to keep the term ‘Total Transparency’ in mind I also thought this would be a great example. A lot of wealth care organizations start to use querrilla marketing to make their point clear. This hits people in their stomach and encourages them to take action.

Take a look on this webpage. You will find everything you need to know about guerrilla advertisement. This makes clear that we see this advertisements more and more.  


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