Is that vitro meat, what you eat?

What it is
What is going on in the laboratories? Meat from a test tube? This sounds weird doesn’t it. Well, we are heading to a society where this will be not only possible but also will maybe be the standard. I will tell you why; As the planet’s population speeds towards the 9 billion(!), it won’t become possible anymore to continue consuming meat like we do today. So scientist are developing vitro meat. This is grown in bioreactors from animal cells. Also vitro meat could be a sustainable and humane way and alternative to raising a whole animal from birth to slaughter. But is this really true? And will it also be a possibility for the future?
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Why I think it is cool
I heard about vitro meat a few weeks ago, since then I have been interested in it. Especially the discussion about this possibility. In our society there is a lot discussion about consumption of meat. Is it good for your health or not? Is it esthetically responsible? Do we all have to be vegetarians? Is the way we slaughter animals for meat consumption good? So when we have access to the option of vitro meat, will all these questions be solved? I don’t think so. We will always need some meat to create vitro meat, so there will be always animals that we have to slaughter. Will we eat meat what is grown in a lab? This goes against the transparency that we are so happy to see in the society these days. This is way there is an ‘against’ side to the story of vitro meat.
But there are also a lot positive and interesting sides off course; like this one, meat paint. It is a product especially for children of 5-10 years old. It allows them to prepare their own meat in a very creative, fun and safe way. ‘By painting their own meal children get more affinity with their food and are therefore more willing to eat it.’

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The Power of Mushrooms

What it is
Look around you, there are a lot of things made or packaged in plastic. So, don’t you ask yourself the question, where it goes when you throw it away? I sometimes do and I actually don’t know where it goes. Because recycling all the packaging materials is difficult and also very expensive, a lot of this plastic goes to landfills, in mostly poor lands,  where nature may go it’s course. This is a process that will last for ages and also isn’t very healthy for the nature itself. Well, maybe researchers have found the solutions for this problem deep in the Amazon. Here lives a fungus which is able to degrade plastics! They can live in an environment without oxygen which means that they can break down plastic.
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Why I think it is cool
Off course this would be an awesome solution for our plastic problem! So what I said before, these fungus don’t need oxygen to survive, which in itself, is very special because almost every organism on earth needs oxygen to live. This makes it possible that this fungus can break down plastic in an environmentally friendly way. This is obviously a great discovery. With influences of human hands, such as modifications or enchantments of this special ability of the fungus, maybe something can be developed what is an environmental friendly process of degradation of plastics! This is called ‘learning from nature’ which often has to do with biomimetic (technological developments derived from natural phenomena).
When we are capable of using this fungus to decrease our plastic ‘garbage’ , we can give those landfills (which are a lot) back to nature. Also it would obviously be better for the environment. And last but not least. We wouldn’t have to ask our self the question, what happens with our plastic garbage?
This is the point where we arrive at transparency. A lot of products in, especially, supermarkets and other shops that sell  food factory, are made of plastic. And every day, a lot of this plastic is thrown away. More than you could ever imagine. So, we know that we throw away a lot of plastic, which is really bad for the nature, but we won’t do anything about it because we ‘need’ those products, which ‘happens to be packaged’ in plastic. My point is, we don’t consciously think about this problem while it is definitely there! So when this fungus can help us with this problem, we don’t have to feel guilty about buying packaged food and we also exactly know where are garbage will go. This is in my opinion a great value.
Not to spoil the fun but the one big question is; will this fungus have a future outside the rainforest? Because it is only found in the Amazon we won’t know yet if it will survive in another environment.


Out of the urban Light

What it is
This coolhunt includes actually three coolhunts. This combination makes the story I want to tell more clear. All the three of the coolhunts are solutions to create more environmentally conscious light in the streets. They use nature to create light so much energy can be saved. These light comes from the nature itself and that is why this phenomenon is very nature and environmental friendly. There are a few light emitting organisms like jellyfishes, fireflies, mushrooms and bacteria. This is a process of nature so the nature won’t get damaged. The three solutions are as followes:
– The Italian architect Carlo Morsiani added bioluminescent members of Photobacterium to the city’s waterways. This bacteria is very motion sensitive so any movement in the water will cause a trail of light.
– Renegade architect and futurist Rachel Armstrong want to use glowing, hungry bio-goo to create peaceful blue-green light in the streets of cities. This bacteria can be ‘painted’ on walls etc.
– Lately genetic engineers found out that the Tobacco plant uses the proteins that fireflies produce,  which causes the threes to glow and emit light.

Why I think it is cool

So there are a lot solutions to reduce our use of energy to create light. And the most beautiful part is that we can just use nature its own wonderful methods. Light and transparency have much to do with each other. With the invention of light we could we opened the world in the night. We could make light in the shadows of the night which gave us information about it, it wasn’t a dark unknown thing anymore. To hide in the shadows these days is more than difficult.
The reason I went looking for solutions of more environmental friendly light was because I read a research that was about the link between bright city light and crime. We always thought that the more light, the less crime, because crime would takes place in shadows. The outcome of this research was that there is no direct link between bright light and criminal activity. I think this is interesting because also I thought that there would be a link. Light gives you transparency to oversee the streets. Well no… So now this misunderstanding is out of the world we can create new ways to make light in de streets. We have now an excuse to turn of the light, this is one positive point but there are more:
‘Artificial lighting at night wreaks havoc on our circadian rhythms, leaving us at risk for obesity, depression, even cancer. It’s also bad for wildlife, from birds to turtles and flying insects. Light pollution is even unhealthy for our sense of awe: Eight in ten kids born in the United States today will never see the Milky Way outside of a planetarium.’
These natural phenomena can be further developed to create a world with natural light!
So while we create less transparency in the streets, we create a more peaceful, positive and better environment for us and also animals to life in.
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To be Honest…

What it is
These are manipulated movie posters of the latest and the most popular movies.  These posters tell you what these movies really are about. The texts are sarcastic and ironic but in one way completely true! They make the illusion that ‘here comes another masterpiece of a movie’ a bit more realistic. They say just what it is, not more or less. The intention is to make your own story of the movie; see for yourself and after that, make an own conclusion.

Why I think it is cool
The movie industry is one with a lot of money to make these well-known movies. They can do whatever they want to make the perfect illusion. They sketch a world where everything is possible and where everyone can do whatever they want. This sketch of the perfect world/ illusion is not real and also will never be. But with the technologies of these days in combination with the advertisements of the movies the illusion becomes so strong that it can be seen as true. To get the people out of this dream world. These funny new interpretations of the movies will help the people out of this dream world the producers made. You don’t have to take it serious and it is more to make the film business less formal.
Although this isn’t to take to serious. It is a small trend we see. People are becoming more critical on published movies. I think this is because we expect them to be better every time. There are so much movies that it becomes very difficult to make one memorable, inspiring and new to all interns and purposes. This makes people very critical and that isn’t always a bad thing! These pressure that people impose to the movie industry, triggers them to make the best of the best!

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Creative Guerrilla Marketing, be aware!

What it is
Guerrilla marketing is a form of marketing we will get to see more in the future. Companies use it to gather the attention of their (future) costumers. Companies do the craziest things to promote their product or to make their message clear. This is done in many creative ways, see the examples in this post. Take a look and be inspired. This promotion material is a lot more interesting than the normal advertisements or the free products companies use to promote their work.

Why I think it is cool
This way of promotion has In my opinion a big future growth potential. Not only big companies will be users of this kind of promotion,  also individuals will use this, in maybe a more subtle way. We live in a world where we get a lot of information to process. Every day we are confronted with lots of different stimuli, derived from all kind  of sources that want us to do, to be or to buy something. These sources, mostly big companies, will have to know what we want, what the people want! They need to know what we want to see, hear, taste, have etc. To create these desires they have to gather or attention in a creative and new way. We already know a lot about.. well a lot! We want to see something new and inspiring. The product itself isn’t even the most important thing in this marketing strategy. The feelings the future costumers will experience will make it possible that companies can make people want whatever the companies want them to buy! People are very manipulative. They will listen, in this case, more often to their feelings than to their mind.
Because we have to keep the term ‘Total Transparency’ in mind I also thought this would be a great example. A lot of wealth care organizations start to use querrilla marketing to make their point clear. This hits people in their stomach and encourages them to take action.

Take a look on this webpage. You will find everything you need to know about guerrilla advertisement. This makes clear that we see this advertisements more and more.