Take a tattoo! Or don’t.

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What it is
I want to highlight the new image of tattoos, both for men and woman. In 2012 the number of woman with a tattoo in America was higher than men with a tattoo. In this century it appears that almost everybody decorates his or her body with this permanent form of art. I ask myself why there are so much people under the spell of tattoos? Don’t get me wrong, although I’m not a fan of it, I appreciate the art pieces some people can make with ink on body.
Tattoos, first seen more on the bodies of men, become a more and more street image, also on the bodies of woman. Maybe because there are a lot of possibilities to create your own special, identic, original and unique image; abstract tattoos, 3D tattoos with a lot of detail, etc.

Why I think it is cool
It is admirable that people would like to leave something so permanent on the body. It isn’t a choice you make in one second (in any case, it shouldn’t be…).
Mostly, people who choose to take a tattoo have a story behind it. They do this because they want to honor someone are a moment in their life. Others choose for something they think is beautiful and fits in their life. What I said earlier, more woman choose to take a tattoo, why? Not only because of the two reasons I named before but also because it fits in their image, it becomes a part of them, they show it with proud. For all that, a tattoo is also still a sign of toughness (in most cases although; some people just have to think a little further).
tattoo 6
So we can also say that girls and woman become more alike men because they see there self as though woman. It takes courage to make the decision to take a tattoo and with the fact that we become more skilled in making tattoos, woman have the courage to make a statement on their body. It is generally accepted, both for woman and men. This is, I think, another example of the fact that men and woman become more alike. 


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