Casey Legler – Male Model

casey legler 2 casey legler
What it is
Not What, but Who it is in this case. This is Casey Legler. In our world at the moment, nothing is normal anymore, or better to say, nothing is not normal anymore. Everything became possible in the appearance industry, men wearing skirts and leggings, woman wearing men clothes or the most extraordinary jackets, dresses and heels etc. Casy legler works as a men model but is really a woman. Her face is perfectly shaped for a men model and the camera loves her.  She even has a contract as a male model!
Androgyny is been seen a lot in the fashion industry, both men and woman switch from gender on pictures and in performances, and that is mostly just because they have potential in the world of the other gender.

Why I think it is cool
So we already see a lot of androgen models in fashion industry but why I wanted to highlight Casey Legler is the fact that she sees her performance as a male model as an art piece, it is as she says, an art project. That she is part of androgyny as a trend in fashion world is in her opinion a ‘nice’ project but her art is more important.  The idea that you find someone beautiful independently of his or her gender fascinates her in a way. It is about freedom to make your own choices in who you are and what you look like: “It would be a really beautiful thing if we could all just wear what we wanted, without it meaning something.”
Her background as a formal Olympic swimmer and an artist who creates art pieces about the human body is different from most of other models. The fact that she does something with her passion and fascination in the fashion world isn’t seen a lot.


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