The awesomeness of Heineken

What it is

This is the walk in fridge. If you don’t know it, just watch the video first. It is an advertisement of Heineken. The advertisements of beer brand always get me. Not because I like beer that much but because they perfectly know how to make use of the image of Heineken and beer. They directly speak to the target group; man that like beer, and what real men does not love beer? The fact that, in this century, it isn’t a taboo anymore for men to express their feelings becomes also clear in this advertisement.

Why I think it is cool
Products for men and woman become more alike. What is available for woman can become available for men two. There isn’t really a line of demarcation. And in this advertisement we see a new, manly version of typical thing for woman, the walk in closet, the walk in fridge. This is humorous but hits the right spot. Every man wants something like this, like every woman wants a walk in closet. The message is not concealed, it is clear and it men aren’t’ ashamed that they are excited.
That is also what is generally accepted in our environment. Men may show their feelings, may say what they want and may actually show their sensitive side. We will see this more and more and it will become accepted by everyone.

And because we ALL love Heineken:)


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