La Libre Attitude

men on high heels 2 men on high heels 4 men on high heels  men ong high heels 3

What it is
I found this photo collection of naked men on heels on the internet when I was searching on some fashion blogs. My first reaction was to take a closer look; are this really men? Are they woman, photographed in a more manly way? What does the photographer want to show with these pictures? I like to make my own opinion by not searching for the reason of the photographer. In my opinion these pictures become more an art piece than just fashion photos. The body is an object of the arts. And why not, because are body is, truly, the most beautiful, fascinating, wonderful, surprising and exciting object in the universe

Why I think it is cool
This combination of masculine and feminine aspects in a picture becomes more and more normal in our environment.  Commercials, advertisements en most of all, fashion shouts combine masculine and feminine aspects all the time. Men and woman aren’t so different anymore. This is in my opinion a perfect example for the fact the we go to a more genderneutral society. Although there will be always differences between men and woman. This is also a combination of metrosexualization and androgyny. The men who takes care of his body and on the other way makes clear that, in this case heels, can be also worn by men. Something that goes a bit further than just the metroman.
This is the future, men and woman can dress like they want, do what they want and make their own future. People distinguish from each other more and more. This deserves most of all respect. Even though not everybody will be a big fan, it will fascinate and make people think about it.



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