Admirable woman

men vest men vest 3

What it is
I am the proud owner of two vests which aren’t really intended to be for woman. I don’t really care because I like them, I feel good wearing them and most of all, they are really warm. Well, now appears that I’m not the only one who thinks about it like this. It is a trend, spotted a lot. To combine it with more ladylike clothes gives you an awesome look.
I found a small article in de Volkskrant Magazine, which I like to follow, which confirms my idea.

Why I think it is cool
This is definitely a cool story because it makes fashion less more bounded by rules. Rules in fashion aren’t of this time anymore, everything is possible even though it is sometimes ‘weird’. This means the end of traditions in fashionworld. Also this refers a bit to androgyny, because woman can wear a lot of the same things that men wear and still look sexy and fashionable.
This brings again the more masculine side in the woman to the surface. Woman don’t only have to be sexy all the time. Woman are independent and admirable and they will make this clear by doing their own thing!

From: Volkskrant Magazine 


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