Take a tattoo! Or don’t.

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What it is
I want to highlight the new image of tattoos, both for men and woman. In 2012 the number of woman with a tattoo in America was higher than men with a tattoo. In this century it appears that almost everybody decorates his or her body with this permanent form of art. I ask myself why there are so much people under the spell of tattoos? Don’t get me wrong, although I’m not a fan of it, I appreciate the art pieces some people can make with ink on body.
Tattoos, first seen more on the bodies of men, become a more and more street image, also on the bodies of woman. Maybe because there are a lot of possibilities to create your own special, identic, original and unique image; abstract tattoos, 3D tattoos with a lot of detail, etc.

Why I think it is cool
It is admirable that people would like to leave something so permanent on the body. It isn’t a choice you make in one second (in any case, it shouldn’t be…).
Mostly, people who choose to take a tattoo have a story behind it. They do this because they want to honor someone are a moment in their life. Others choose for something they think is beautiful and fits in their life. What I said earlier, more woman choose to take a tattoo, why? Not only because of the two reasons I named before but also because it fits in their image, it becomes a part of them, they show it with proud. For all that, a tattoo is also still a sign of toughness (in most cases although; some people just have to think a little further).
tattoo 6
So we can also say that girls and woman become more alike men because they see there self as though woman. It takes courage to make the decision to take a tattoo and with the fact that we become more skilled in making tattoos, woman have the courage to make a statement on their body. It is generally accepted, both for woman and men. This is, I think, another example of the fact that men and woman become more alike. 


Casey Legler – Male Model

casey legler 2 casey legler
What it is
Not What, but Who it is in this case. This is Casey Legler. In our world at the moment, nothing is normal anymore, or better to say, nothing is not normal anymore. Everything became possible in the appearance industry, men wearing skirts and leggings, woman wearing men clothes or the most extraordinary jackets, dresses and heels etc. Casy legler works as a men model but is really a woman. Her face is perfectly shaped for a men model and the camera loves her.  She even has a contract as a male model!
Androgyny is been seen a lot in the fashion industry, both men and woman switch from gender on pictures and in performances, and that is mostly just because they have potential in the world of the other gender.

Why I think it is cool
So we already see a lot of androgen models in fashion industry but why I wanted to highlight Casey Legler is the fact that she sees her performance as a male model as an art piece, it is as she says, an art project. That she is part of androgyny as a trend in fashion world is in her opinion a ‘nice’ project but her art is more important.  The idea that you find someone beautiful independently of his or her gender fascinates her in a way. It is about freedom to make your own choices in who you are and what you look like: “It would be a really beautiful thing if we could all just wear what we wanted, without it meaning something.”
Her background as a formal Olympic swimmer and an artist who creates art pieces about the human body is different from most of other models. The fact that she does something with her passion and fascination in the fashion world isn’t seen a lot.

The awesomeness of Heineken

What it is

This is the walk in fridge. If you don’t know it, just watch the video first. It is an advertisement of Heineken. The advertisements of beer brand always get me. Not because I like beer that much but because they perfectly know how to make use of the image of Heineken and beer. They directly speak to the target group; man that like beer, and what real men does not love beer? The fact that, in this century, it isn’t a taboo anymore for men to express their feelings becomes also clear in this advertisement.

Why I think it is cool
Products for men and woman become more alike. What is available for woman can become available for men two. There isn’t really a line of demarcation. And in this advertisement we see a new, manly version of typical thing for woman, the walk in closet, the walk in fridge. This is humorous but hits the right spot. Every man wants something like this, like every woman wants a walk in closet. The message is not concealed, it is clear and it men aren’t’ ashamed that they are excited.
That is also what is generally accepted in our environment. Men may show their feelings, may say what they want and may actually show their sensitive side. We will see this more and more and it will become accepted by everyone.

And because we ALL love Heineken:)

Admirable woman

men vest men vest 3

What it is
I am the proud owner of two vests which aren’t really intended to be for woman. I don’t really care because I like them, I feel good wearing them and most of all, they are really warm. Well, now appears that I’m not the only one who thinks about it like this. It is a trend, spotted a lot. To combine it with more ladylike clothes gives you an awesome look.
I found a small article in de Volkskrant Magazine, which I like to follow, which confirms my idea.

Why I think it is cool
This is definitely a cool story because it makes fashion less more bounded by rules. Rules in fashion aren’t of this time anymore, everything is possible even though it is sometimes ‘weird’. This means the end of traditions in fashionworld. Also this refers a bit to androgyny, because woman can wear a lot of the same things that men wear and still look sexy and fashionable.
This brings again the more masculine side in the woman to the surface. Woman don’t only have to be sexy all the time. Woman are independent and admirable and they will make this clear by doing their own thing!

From: Volkskrant Magazine 

La Libre Attitude

men on high heels 2 men on high heels 4 men on high heels  men ong high heels 3

What it is
I found this photo collection of naked men on heels on the internet when I was searching on some fashion blogs. My first reaction was to take a closer look; are this really men? Are they woman, photographed in a more manly way? What does the photographer want to show with these pictures? I like to make my own opinion by not searching for the reason of the photographer. In my opinion these pictures become more an art piece than just fashion photos. The body is an object of the arts. And why not, because are body is, truly, the most beautiful, fascinating, wonderful, surprising and exciting object in the universe

Why I think it is cool
This combination of masculine and feminine aspects in a picture becomes more and more normal in our environment.  Commercials, advertisements en most of all, fashion shouts combine masculine and feminine aspects all the time. Men and woman aren’t so different anymore. This is in my opinion a perfect example for the fact the we go to a more genderneutral society. Although there will be always differences between men and woman. This is also a combination of metrosexualization and androgyny. The men who takes care of his body and on the other way makes clear that, in this case heels, can be also worn by men. Something that goes a bit further than just the metroman.
This is the future, men and woman can dress like they want, do what they want and make their own future. People distinguish from each other more and more. This deserves most of all respect. Even though not everybody will be a big fan, it will fascinate and make people think about it.

From: www.pornogothic.com