Knappe Koppen – ‘Handsome cups’

What is it?
Another shop that gathered my attention when we had our field trip to Breda is ‘Knappe kopppen’. ‘Knappe koppen’ is a shop where you can buy handmade cups and other handmade articles. The special thing about it is that it is not only a shop, they also have a studio where you can make your own cup or where you can follow a workshop. They also work in command for happenings like weddings or party’s. So they give you the opportunity to create your own, unique set to make your happening more special.

Why I think it is cool.
The literal translation of ‘Knappe koppen’ to English is ‘handsome cups’. In Dutch this also means you’re a smart person. So the first thing you see, the name of the shop, immediately pulls you attention because it is a funny and not a common name. The store itself is a wonderful eye catcher, between the natural colors of the street the pink store immediately gathers your attention. It is cute, childish, authentic and inviting. What I said before is that they make the shop more special because they make it possible for you to create your own product by using the inspiration you get in the store. People like to have handmade stuff because they  feel like it is more authentic. And when it is beside that also possible to make it ‘selfhandmade’ people will enjoy it even more! They use this to create extra experience. The combination of ambiance, appearance and experience makes people come to this store.
That is why I think this store belongs also in 2th phase of the Experience Economy: ‘Living room society’. Back to the product and the trial of making it! take a look at the site!


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