Kalos – Glow


What is it?
I already posted about the Glow festival that was two weeks ago. That post was about the app you can use to walk the route. This post will include one of the artworks. This artwork is called Kalos. Kalos consists of a lot of little lights with mirrors that create a ball of lights. You had the opportunity to manipulate the artwork by using the wifi that was available when you stood in front of the artwork. When you opened a web browser the site you could use to manipulate the artwork would pop up. Here you could choose what color you would like to see and also on which side of the ball. This would appear in 15 seconds on the ball.

Why I think it is cool.
The opportunity to have interaction with the artwork is new and innovative. Not only because artworks are most of all statues, paintings, or other objects which you’re not allowed to touch. But also because of the fact you interact with it via technology. That’s new. The fact that you can do more and more these days with your cellphone and the different apps you have is an invention of the last years. But art and technology together isn’t really a conventional combination. I don’t even really know if I like it or not. I’m a bit conventional when it comes to art. I love the fact that ‘What is art’ still is a never solved question. But I do think that design, technology and art are coming closer together. So this is a perfect example of this ‘battle’. Because we are looking for opportunities to create this interaction there will be more and more artworks like these in the future.
That is also why this tool belongs even as the other Glow post in the 4th phase of Experience Economy: ‘Virtuality and Involvement’. You create virtually involvement by using two different categories people are fascinated about.


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