(H)Eerlijk winkelen

Have a look: http://www.eerlijkwinkelen.nl

What is it? 
This is a map created by an organization (Oxfam Novib) who want to make  people more aware of what they are buying. They promote sustainable shopping by giving this map to ‘the shopping Netherlands’ to make us aware of stores that have fair-trade, biological and second hand products. They want to achieve sustainability as a norm, a standard for shopping.

Why I think it is cool
In my own opinion, especially the aspect that they make you aware of certain shops that you might not have seen when you didn’t had the map, is effective. It is such a simple idea and it doesn’t have to be very expensive to create it. It sounds even a bit lame because of the simplicity of it. But that’s why people will use it. They often NEED other people or an organization to make them aware of small en simple things that can make the world better and more fun. And when they are aware, they will have an AHA!! feeling. And when they have this feeling they will do something with it. Just because our society is so into the virtual and the technical stuff, simple solutions like these will be overlooked.
That is why this map belongs in the 3th phase of Experience Economy: ‘Authenticity’. It guides you to the ‘little islands of authenticity’ in this society of non-authenticity. When you follow the route you explorer the city in a different way, by not visiting the big, great, overrated and all known shops. You will arrive in places that are more authentic and you will leave them with a less stressful feeling.


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