Glow App

What is it?
Last week I went to the light festival in Eindhoven, Glow. It is an event with light and also sound. There are all kind of light-projections on buildings. It was very magical. I have a lot of respect for the people whom create the artworks (I would like to call them artworks because light artists can do more and more magnificent stuff, like these guys).
You had the opportunity to walk a route supported by an app on you cellphone produced by Project Nero. Unfortunately my own cellphone wasn’t capable of it.

Why I think it is cool
This App gives you the opportunity to get free and extra information about Glow. You don’t have to buy a map and you will get also a better image of all the artworks because of the extra information. The app uses audio fragments by the artists to give you those information. You also won’t miss an artwork by accident because the app warns you when you come near one. It is also very organized so everybody can use the app without an introduction. That’s why I think it is an invention with future potential because people will get used to app’s and tools like this to create an additional experience.
That is also why this tool belongs in the 4th phase of Experience Economy: ‘Virtuality and Involvement’. It helps you to create and alternative view of the real world, in this case, the festival Glow. You create virtually involvement.


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