Dille & Kamille

What is it?

In this post, an example of the stores that are located in the map which I named in the post before, will be discussed. This store is called Dille & Kamille. Two ancient herbals that are used to give your food more flavor. Dille & Kamille sounds sweet, authentic and cozy. That is also sphere the store has. The store is decorated and equipped like  a cozy house. It sells all kind of attributes for in the kitchen and little gadgets and stuff to decorate your house nicely.

Why I think it is cool
These kind of shops (but also restaurants and café’s) are more close to the heart. The experience of the products in the store are IN the product. It isn’t very expensive end you get what you want and what you see. There is no such thing as fake publicity because what the products are by themself  is important. I’m also a kind of person that just wants to know what a product does, no extra’s, no sellers with their fake publicity, but just the product all by itself. That is also a point I liked about the store, it is actually a big store, with a lot of products so you have to take the time to discover where and what everything is. And here comes the best part, I can be very annoyed by ‘fake friendly’ sellers but in this store they are very relaxed and let you look around as long as you want. No offence, no stress, no commends, just chill and look around.
That is why I think this store belongs in 2th phase of the Experience Economy: ‘Living room society’. Most of the examples we had where café’s or restaurants where you can drink and eat but also in  this store you experience the domesticity. Back to the product!


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