Vampire Smile

Baby you need to leave
Coz I’m getting drunk on your noble deeds
It doesn’t matter that they don’t get done
When I feel this cold they’re like the fucking sun


Knappe Koppen – ‘Handsome cups’

What is it?
Another shop that gathered my attention when we had our field trip to Breda is ‘Knappe kopppen’. ‘Knappe koppen’ is a shop where you can buy handmade cups and other handmade articles. The special thing about it is that it is not only a shop, they also have a studio where you can make your own cup or where you can follow a workshop. They also work in command for happenings like weddings or party’s. So they give you the opportunity to create your own, unique set to make your happening more special.

Why I think it is cool.
The literal translation of ‘Knappe koppen’ to English is ‘handsome cups’. In Dutch this also means you’re a smart person. So the first thing you see, the name of the shop, immediately pulls you attention because it is a funny and not a common name. The store itself is a wonderful eye catcher, between the natural colors of the street the pink store immediately gathers your attention. It is cute, childish, authentic and inviting. What I said before is that they make the shop more special because they make it possible for you to create your own product by using the inspiration you get in the store. People like to have handmade stuff because they  feel like it is more authentic. And when it is beside that also possible to make it ‘selfhandmade’ people will enjoy it even more! They use this to create extra experience. The combination of ambiance, appearance and experience makes people come to this store.
That is why I think this store belongs also in 2th phase of the Experience Economy: ‘Living room society’. Back to the product and the trial of making it! take a look at the site!

Kalos – Glow


What is it?
I already posted about the Glow festival that was two weeks ago. That post was about the app you can use to walk the route. This post will include one of the artworks. This artwork is called Kalos. Kalos consists of a lot of little lights with mirrors that create a ball of lights. You had the opportunity to manipulate the artwork by using the wifi that was available when you stood in front of the artwork. When you opened a web browser the site you could use to manipulate the artwork would pop up. Here you could choose what color you would like to see and also on which side of the ball. This would appear in 15 seconds on the ball.

Why I think it is cool.
The opportunity to have interaction with the artwork is new and innovative. Not only because artworks are most of all statues, paintings, or other objects which you’re not allowed to touch. But also because of the fact you interact with it via technology. That’s new. The fact that you can do more and more these days with your cellphone and the different apps you have is an invention of the last years. But art and technology together isn’t really a conventional combination. I don’t even really know if I like it or not. I’m a bit conventional when it comes to art. I love the fact that ‘What is art’ still is a never solved question. But I do think that design, technology and art are coming closer together. So this is a perfect example of this ‘battle’. Because we are looking for opportunities to create this interaction there will be more and more artworks like these in the future.
That is also why this tool belongs even as the other Glow post in the 4th phase of Experience Economy: ‘Virtuality and Involvement’. You create virtually involvement by using two different categories people are fascinated about.

Dille & Kamille

What is it?

In this post, an example of the stores that are located in the map which I named in the post before, will be discussed. This store is called Dille & Kamille. Two ancient herbals that are used to give your food more flavor. Dille & Kamille sounds sweet, authentic and cozy. That is also sphere the store has. The store is decorated and equipped like  a cozy house. It sells all kind of attributes for in the kitchen and little gadgets and stuff to decorate your house nicely.

Why I think it is cool
These kind of shops (but also restaurants and café’s) are more close to the heart. The experience of the products in the store are IN the product. It isn’t very expensive end you get what you want and what you see. There is no such thing as fake publicity because what the products are by themself  is important. I’m also a kind of person that just wants to know what a product does, no extra’s, no sellers with their fake publicity, but just the product all by itself. That is also a point I liked about the store, it is actually a big store, with a lot of products so you have to take the time to discover where and what everything is. And here comes the best part, I can be very annoyed by ‘fake friendly’ sellers but in this store they are very relaxed and let you look around as long as you want. No offence, no stress, no commends, just chill and look around.
That is why I think this store belongs in 2th phase of the Experience Economy: ‘Living room society’. Most of the examples we had where café’s or restaurants where you can drink and eat but also in  this store you experience the domesticity. Back to the product!

(H)Eerlijk winkelen

Have a look:

What is it? 
This is a map created by an organization (Oxfam Novib) who want to make  people more aware of what they are buying. They promote sustainable shopping by giving this map to ‘the shopping Netherlands’ to make us aware of stores that have fair-trade, biological and second hand products. They want to achieve sustainability as a norm, a standard for shopping.

Why I think it is cool
In my own opinion, especially the aspect that they make you aware of certain shops that you might not have seen when you didn’t had the map, is effective. It is such a simple idea and it doesn’t have to be very expensive to create it. It sounds even a bit lame because of the simplicity of it. But that’s why people will use it. They often NEED other people or an organization to make them aware of small en simple things that can make the world better and more fun. And when they are aware, they will have an AHA!! feeling. And when they have this feeling they will do something with it. Just because our society is so into the virtual and the technical stuff, simple solutions like these will be overlooked.
That is why this map belongs in the 3th phase of Experience Economy: ‘Authenticity’. It guides you to the ‘little islands of authenticity’ in this society of non-authenticity. When you follow the route you explorer the city in a different way, by not visiting the big, great, overrated and all known shops. You will arrive in places that are more authentic and you will leave them with a less stressful feeling.

Glow App

What is it?
Last week I went to the light festival in Eindhoven, Glow. It is an event with light and also sound. There are all kind of light-projections on buildings. It was very magical. I have a lot of respect for the people whom create the artworks (I would like to call them artworks because light artists can do more and more magnificent stuff, like these guys).
You had the opportunity to walk a route supported by an app on you cellphone produced by Project Nero. Unfortunately my own cellphone wasn’t capable of it.

Why I think it is cool
This App gives you the opportunity to get free and extra information about Glow. You don’t have to buy a map and you will get also a better image of all the artworks because of the extra information. The app uses audio fragments by the artists to give you those information. You also won’t miss an artwork by accident because the app warns you when you come near one. It is also very organized so everybody can use the app without an introduction. That’s why I think it is an invention with future potential because people will get used to app’s and tools like this to create an additional experience.
That is also why this tool belongs in the 4th phase of Experience Economy: ‘Virtuality and Involvement’. It helps you to create and alternative view of the real world, in this case, the festival Glow. You create virtually involvement.