Would you want one?

What is it?
The video gives you a good impression of this new invention, so I recommend to watch the video first.
Although it is just a prototype, there are possibilities that this t-shirt will become reality. With this programmable t-shirt, using only a LED-display and an internet connection, you have anytime and everyewhere direct access to your social media. Everything will become visible on the t-shirt.

Why I think it is cool
It is remarkeble in which way the creators thought of an idea to combine to aspects of our lives, we have to deal with every day; clothes and the social web (maybe you wont even notice but the social web has become a very present aspect of our lives). People are these days very spoiled in my opinion, we are always looking for more, better, easier… and especially in combination with the internet. It look also vey cool and is something we haven’t seen yet. This triggers people to buy something like this even though it isn’t cheap and only just a prototype. But I really think this has future potential because in a few years everything will be connected to the social web. We already see that the online and offline worlds intertwine more and more.

From: freshgadgets.com


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