What is it?
It is a short movie about a futuristic invention. These are lenses for your eyes. With these lenses you create your own world around you. You can make images on your walls and you have direct access to the internet and social media like facebook. You can also analyse the person in front of you. It is almost like it has a mind of itself.

Why I think it is cool?
It is a very futuristic image. In my opinion this invention has to sides; it is freaky and frightening but also interesting and fascinating. It frightens people that there is so much possible with the technology of these days. We will be controled by the social web and we won’t have a lot of privacy anymore. But it is also interesting that we can create our own environment just with these lenses. There will be so much more possibilities because you have always and everywhere direct access to the social web and all your contact.
It is a far future perspective but I think it is possible because the technology of these days is already on a high level.



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