Latro Algae Lamp

What is it?
This lamp, designed by Mike Thompson creates light out of a really special source. It utilizes living plants, algae, as its power source. Plants use photosynthesis to create their energy to grow. This lamp uses the this process to create the light. Watch the video below for more details of this great idea.

Why I think it is cool
This is one of the numerous new energy efficient products. We are at a point in life where we can create many posibilities with our knowledge. This is a good example. Because our natural energy sources are disappearing we have to look for new opportunities. We try to look for solutions in our own environment. So we make advantage of processes we see in nature like photosynthesis. This is a process that obtains energy from inexhaustible sources like the sun.
I’m a big fan of nature, I like the idea of using natural phenomena to create solutions for humans. We have to be more aware of what the nature can do for us. Inventions like this really have future prospects because we will be able to use natural sources. There are still many studies that are looking for solutions like this.



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