Ik heb altijd al een fascinatie gehad voor dieren en de natuur. De prachtige kleuren, vormen, patronen en structuren zijn zo intens indrukwekkend.
Hierbij een aantal mooie plaatjes.


Waterfall Swing

Deze schommel is nog wel even wat spannender dan de bekende schommel uit onze jeugd. Kan je het je nog herinneren? Net zo hoog totdat je er bijna overheen vloog?! Dat was al spannend en leuk toch, nou dit geeft vast ook wel een kik als er voor je een gordijn van water sluit, en achter je ook weer. Door middel van sensoren is het precies duidelijk wanneer de waterval even moet stoppen om jou droog te houden. Blijft toch altijd spannend of alles wel werkt!


Where good ideas come from

By Steven Johnson. Jazeker, zoveel kunnen afbeeldingen doen. Geweldig toch?! Visualiseren die boel. Er moet veel meer gewerkt worden met dit soort creatieve geesten, maak ideeën duidelijk aan de hand van afbeeldingen en schema’s, maak het een beetje grappig en spreek aan tot de verbeelding. Wedden dat we daarmee veel meer mensen aanspreken?!

‘Cloony als wapen voor Obama’!krJXdFaXfexNs/


What is it?
This is an article I found in the newspaper (Metro) last week. It is about the election is de USA. Obama uses social media to respond to the wishes of the voters.

Why I think it is cool
It is just smart thinking. He makes use of available resources; social media. You can find lots of information on the social web about people who are potential voters. This information is often perceived negatively. It would be violation of privacy or stupid to put things about yourself on the internet. But this isn’t harmful or violation of privacy. It is also a bit funny. I think in the future this will be used more often. So it also had future potential. The technology makes it possible to know things about the audiences. Also the fact he wants to use famous people to persuade people is modern and effective I think.
Why I think it is cool.

Street Art

These are actually my first cool hunts. I found them in my environment.
What is it?
I found this when I was shopping in Eindhoven. It is just a regular street item you can find everywhere. One creative person made o lego figure of it by drawing a body. It makes the street item look like a face.

Why I think it is cool
I think it’s very creative and I would love to see more street art. It is so simple to make a funny are beautiful thing of a regular street item. The reason you don’t see this very often is because not everybody dares to take the risk to do something like this because there could be somebody watching. It inspires to do this kind of things by myself. It is so simple and you could make people who see this laugh. And that is a great reward.

What is it?
This is obviously a car/van, or whatever you want to call it, that gets your attention! I think they put a van and a trailer together.

Why I think it is cool
I like the way they used the form of the van to create an image. By drawing the shield of a turtle they create the illusion that it looks like a turtle. They use the front of the car to create a head. This indicates a creative mind. And it shows us that we can make recognizable images of, at first sight, everyday objects.

What is it?
You will think, at first sight, his is just an ordinary wall with somme gravity on it. But when you come closer, as you can see on the second picture, you see the ‘unfinished’ details.

Why I think it is cool
Offcourse they did this with an intention. Because why would you paint a wall that isn’t ready yet. Thet made use of the big size of the wall to create an unexpected streetscape. With doing this, I hope people will see this object as an artpiece. I hope they respect it and will not ruin it with ordinary gravity.

With these small changes you can create a whole new streetscape. You make people more aware of their environment.